Photo of a WY gas well. Thousands are underway in the area

Drilling for gas on The Mesa (Pinedale Anticline). Pinedale, WY and Wind River Mountains in the background. Photo by Ralph Maughan.

One well takes up a fair amount of space and disturbance. Over 3000 wells are planned in the Green River Basin beneath these mountains.

Shooter bull elk from yet another Idaho shooter ranch gets out

A bull elk from the Pine Mountain “Ranch” in Eastern Idaho has escaped. It was shot by state officials after wandering about 10 miles.

The ranch said they didn’t know the 7-point antlered bull was missing.

Earlier 160 or so domestic elk broke out of another Eastern Idaho shooter elk operation, making international news.

Read article.

Idaho is taking heat from Wyoming’s governor on the issue. When WY governor Dave Freudental is criticising you for dangerous wildlife practices, you need to be embarrassed.

Earlier: Freudenthal to Idaho: Ban game farms

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Kempthorne Likely to seek Changes in the Endangered Species Act

Secretary of Interior, Dirk Kempthorne (former governor of Idaho) is likely gearing up to change the ESA. Of course as DOI Secretary he can’t pass any laws, but he can undertake the writing of new regulations.

Story in the Great Falls Tribune

As a US Senator he was one of the few Republicans who sought a fairly moderate approach to the ESA. Since then the proposals have been to flat out gut the ESA under the guise of reform. An example is Richard Pombo’s bill that would require payment to developers for not building any proposed project in the critical habitat of endangered species — a sure fire incentive for them to seek out critical habitat and propose a development that would kill off the species in an effort to grab taxpayer money.

So Kempthorne is likely to propose something not so bad as Pombo’s legalized extortion.

Control of Congress will made a big difference. The House, on a nearly party-line vote, actually passed Pombo’s pay-me-not-to-kill-endangered-species bill.

Most likely will be another 2 years of fighting off the Bush Administration, regardless of what happens in the congressional elections, but perhaps Congress will not to be fought too.

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