USFWS say Rock Creek mine will benefit grizzly bears

Folks have been fighting the proposed Rock Creek mine in the Cabinet Mountains of NW Montana for about 20 years now. It has been stalled.

Now the USFWS has rewritten its earlier objection to the mine saying that with all the money for mitigation work planned, the grizzly will actually benefit. This may be so. One thing about predictions like that, however, is that the plans are often never, or are only partially implemented.

The other objections to the mine have been from downriver water users in Idaho.

AP Story.

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  1. Despite media spin that Rocky Creek Mine will actually help grizzly bears, “Wild Bill dissents. « Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News Says:

    […] I put up a brief story on this last week. Many mainstream media stories simply said “Mine to benefit grizzly bear” as though the bears might gain nourishment from the tailings. […]

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