Guest post on Freudenthal to Idaho: Ban game farms

“Buffaloed” asked if I would post this. Buffaoled puts two issues together in way that makes sense to me.

Ralph Maughan
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Freudenthal to Idaho: Ban Game Farms

While I agree with Wyoming Governor Freudenthal’s call for closing of game farms in Idaho it reminds me of this article from back in January of 2005. When Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana called for Wyoming to close elk feed grounds Freudenthal’s spokeswoman, Lara Azar, responded this way: “While the governor appreciates the advice, he thinks that Gov. Schweitzer should concentrate on Montana.”

Bison plan draws mixed reviews

Maybe Freudenthal, before asking Idaho to close its game farms, should take a hard look at how Wyoming’s feed grounds have affected surrounding states, and will likely affect surrounding states when Chronic Wasting Disease infects those very same feed grounds where it would likely go on to infect the many ungulates that call Yellowstone National Park home. He should also realize that elk infected with brucellosis, from the high concentrations caused by Wyoming feed grounds, have also infected Idaho cattle resulting in Idaho losing its brucellosis free status.

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