Eight grizzly bears have been trapped this week at a farm near Cody, WY

The bears are attracted by the grain at a farm on the South Fork of the Shoshone River. I wish the story told more.
“The bears either break into a grain shed or crawl into feed bunks where the farmers are feeding calves. The bears haven’t bothered the calves so far, they just like to eat along side them, . . ” from the Jackson Hole Daily.

The latest bear was released in the Absaroka Mountains near Togwotee Pass (on the Continental Divide).

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Beaver restoration in SE Idaho

This is a story about beaver being reintroduced to places in southeast Idaho where they have been wiped out. Because of the natural abundance of aspen and willows in Eastern Idaho, the area is naturally better beaver habitat than points north, such as central Idaho and Yellowstone.

In the past, many beaver dams were deliberately destroyed. Just a decade ago some agency people and some farmers argued that beaver stole water and grass by impounding it. The result of dynamiting or trapping out beavers was stream erosion from rapid runoff, and lower water flows in the summertime, and the drying of riparian meadows.

It’s good to see that incorrect view going and maybe gone and beaver restoration underway.

Article in the Idaho State Journal.

No sign of Colorado grizzlies, search is suspended

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has ended its search for the grizzlies reportedly seen near Independence Pass unless another sighting occurs. The search has yielded no clues. Hunters were told to be careful not to mistake a moose for an elk, a lynx for a bobcat, and a grizzly for black bear in the upcoming big game season (Oct. 14) and the various seasons for other animals that extends into December.
Story in the Aspen Times. 10-8. Note this link is now dead.

Try this. Associated Press. No sign of grizzlies.

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