Researcher says escaped Idaho domestic elk may quickly die in the wild

According to an Alberta researcher who studied “naive” elk (translocated elk) in Alberta, hunters and wolves could quickly solve the problem of the escaped elk because the elk don’t know how to live on their own in the area.
On the other hand, a few of the Alberta naive translocated elk did learn to adapt.

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Aggressive wolves, or wolf hybrids said to have been shot near Fairfield, ID

The news on this is sketchy, but I’ve heard rumors are building about two wolves or hybrids that had been circling parked vehicles on the highway at Fairfield, ID. That is a small town on the Camas Prairie about 30 miles SW of Hailey, ID.

The canids were said to be skinny and acting aggressive, but disoriented. Eventually one was hit on the highway and when the driver tried to check out the injured animal the other one advanced on the driver. The sheriff was called and the uninjured canid advanced on him too, and he shot both.

I was told that Idaho Fish and Game checked them and determined they were starving hybrids with no hunting skills.

No doubt anti-wolf folks will make this into a big bad wolf story if possible, so I thought I’d put it up despite the sketchy nature of the story. Of course, I can’t say with complete assurance that they weren’t wolves. There are wolves in the adjacent mountains.