Your chance to comment on Bridger-Teton forest plan “desired conditions” ends Sept. 30

Here is a detailed alert from the Wyoming Wilderness Association on your comments on the Bridger-Teton Forest Plan’s desired future conditions. Public comment is being accepted until September 30. Ralph Maughan

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Western Watersheds Project wins 2nd injunction against new BLM grazing regulations affecting 160-million acres of public land

About a month ago, the Western Watersheds Project and other groups won an injunction from Idaho federal district court judge Lynn Winmill on the BLM’s new grazing regulations. The victory enjoined the public participation party of the new regulations (new regs greatly restricted meaningful public input on grazing).

Now the second shoe has dropped, with an injunction on (all?), or at least most of the rest of the new regs. Here is a news release from WWP. Read the rest of this entry »

The most anti-conservation member of Congress could lose his seat.

Well I don’t really know if Richard Pombo of Tracy, CA and chair of the House Resources Committee is the very most anti-conservation member of Congress. He is, however, in a very powerful position to push his public land privatization, full speed development of the outdoors, kill off the endangered species act, and land rights-for-the-few agenda.

Recent polls show him vulnerable. Political analysts have a rule of thumb that any incumbent with under 50% several months before election day and facing a relatively unknown challenger is vulnerable. Pombo was at 43% in July.

Further analysis from an admittedly anti-Pombo blog

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Idaho Statesman says: Thrill of hunt absent from private reserves

Shooting of penned elk by rich people, and calling it a “hunt” continues to take a hit in the Idaho media.

Here is today’s Idaho Statesman editorial against shooter operations.

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