More domestic cervids loose in Idaho

This was in the Idaho Statesman. “Domesticated deer captured in eastern Idaho. Officials seek owners of animals found in Chubbuck; elk and calves from separate escape still on the loose.’ ”

Chubbuck is a suburb of Pocatello.

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Wildlife Services kills 2 Idaho wolves, maims 3 others, or did they get away?

I’ve gotten phone calls and emails about Wildlife Services’s first day of “control” of wolves in West Central Idaho.

This is second hand — Wildlife Services [WS] didn’t contact me.

I heard they killed two of the Lava Ridge pack and might have hit two in the Lick Creek Pack and one in the Gold Fork pack. I also heard they were “sloppy,” but no details why except that they often wound animals and leave them to die rather than land and finish the job. If WS wants to email me or issue a news release, that would be good.

At their request, I took down their phone numbers today that were contained in the earlier post.

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