New Grand Teton plans to build miles of paved path in heavy grizzly turf

There is a danger in Grand Teton for bicyclists from vehicles, especially the big RVs that they let in for some reason and for the same fare as a small automobile.

The Park Service wants bike paths separate from the roads. This may be a very good idea. However, many of them will be in the northern part of the national park where grizzly bears are plentiful.

Grizzlies have already demonstrated that they will attack a bicyclist that surprises them, and this plan makes such surprises likely, maybe even commonplace.

Black bears have become very common along the backwoods Moose-to-Wilson, WY Park road. Some are now calling it the “moose to bear” road. Questions are raised about the wisdom of bike paths through this stretch of bears and often cranky moose.

Here is a link to the plan

Read article in the Jackson Hole News and Guide

New. As if to underscore the growing presence of bears in the Wilson, WY area, this story appeared the day after I first posted this article — “Bear and cubs roam area trails.” AP. A warning has issued after three women were charged by a bear with cubs on the trail system near Wilson. Earlier two women with dogs were charged.

Idaho activist [Rex Rammell] uses elk fight to rally anti-government forces

This article was written by Jesse Harlan Alderman. Associated Press Writer. It gives some political background on Rex Rammell, whose shooter elk escaped and are being hunting down to prevent spread of disease and genetic pollution. Turns out he is an anti-government kinda guy. His political views seem to account for his lack of compliance with the laws (or is it the other way round?).

Of most interest to me in the article was the identity of one of his chief legislative supporters. Rep. Dennis Lake, R-Blackfoot.

Another of his supporters, to no one’s suprise, is Rep. Lenore Barrett, R-Challis. Statement by Barrett.

Rammell recently held a news conference. Others supporting him spoke out. Story from KPVI, Channel Six (Pocatello, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls).

Barrett, a long time anti-conservation, anti-government legislator is opposed by Democrat, Jon Winegarner

Lake, is opposed by Democrat Beverly Beach.