Idaho law and regulations governing domestic cervidae farms

While this is potentially a lot of reading, there is a good link to the Idaho law governing deer family (Cervidae) farms and  rules issued under the law. The link also goes to rules on importing animals. Laws and rules.

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  1. Robert Hoskins Says:

    The value of any law or regulation depends upon the extent to which it is enforced. The other issue is the extent to which the law or regulation is so complicated that its enforcement is easily disrupted or hampered by other factors, such as politics. In the case of game farms and ranches, we have an industry that is riven by politics and creates confusion by the complications of its regulation. The current elk escape confirms that problem. From a strictly administrative standpoint, we are better off simply banning game farms and ranches rather than try to regulate them. This is additional to the biological, ecological, management, and ethical problems associated with game farms and ranches. Any agricultural inroad into wildlife conservation and management obstructs conservation and management.

  2. Erin Miller Says:

    Do you put htis much time annd effort attacking other industries too?? What you’ve said about politically affected regulation occurs in many other industries as well.

  3. Robert Hoskins Says:

    I state the truth. You don’t like it, that’s your problem.

  4. Erin Miller Says:

    Yeah, that’s it. Or… maybe it’s the other way around???

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