Regional Web Cams

I have made links to web cams in Idaho, Western Montana and Western Wyoming (wolf country)-

Alpine, ID/WY web cam. Located on the Idaho-Wyoming border looking east to the mouth of the Snake River Canyon.

Apgar Mountain web cam. This is a backcountry web cam in Glacier National Park

Bitteroot. View of the Bitterroot Mtns from Bitterroot Valley, MT.

Boise, ID. Several web cams. Very wide angle.

Bondurant, WY. South of Jackson between the Gros Ventre Range and the Wyoming Range.

Bozeman Pass. The summit on Interstate 90 between Bozeman and Livingston, MT.

Bozeman. Montana State University.

Brundage Mountain. A ski area north of McCall, Idaho.

Cooke City, MT
more Cooke City

Daniel (WY). South of Daniel on the west side of Hwy 189 and pointed to the east.

Electric Peak and Yellowstone River web cam. Electric Peak is the highest peak entirely inside Yellowstone Park. This cam also has the Yellowstone River in the foreground.

New! Elk City. A very remote north central Idaho town.

Fort Peck Lake (reservoir), MT. In northeast central Montana.

New! Gates of the Mountains. Near Helena, MT

New! Gilmore Summit. A pass between the Lemhi and Birch Creek Valleys.

Grand Teton National Park. A very good view from Lost Creek Ranch on the east side of the Park looking west.

Johnson Creek airport cam. Deep in the central Idaho mountains-

Kalispell, MT. NW Montana small city.

New! Henry’s Lake Flat. Beautiful large meadow. Notable for severe blizzards in the winter.

New High Uintas, Utah

Lander, WY. Main street of Lander, Wyoming on the east slope of the Wind River Range.

Lake Pend Oreille, ID. This is on Idaho’s largest lake. It’s in extreme northern Idaho — “The Panhandle.”

Lone Pine web cam. In the Birch Creek Valley between the Lemhi and Beaverhead Mountains.

Lolo Pass, ID/MT. On the stateline and Bitterroot Divide, U.S. Highway 12.

Lost Trail Pass. Idaho-Montana border highway.

Louis Lake Road. Near southern end of Wind River Range, west of Lander, WY.

Mammoth Hot Springs. Yellowstone National Park. (Mammoth is at a low elevation in the Park).Monida Pass. Just north of the Idaho/Montana order near the Continental Divide. Four views of I-15.

Missoula, MT. A downtown web cam.

Monida Pass, ID-MT. On the Continental Divide Interstate Highway crossing.

Old Faithful webcam.  A large view from inside the window of the new visitor center

Pinedale, WY. View from town to the NE looking at the Wind River Range.

Raynolds Pass, ID-MT. In Montana near the pass, looking across the highway. Raynolds Pass is the Continental Divide and also the Idaho/Montana border.

Salmon, ID. Syringa Lodge. View to the east of the Bitterroot Range of the Beaverheads (Continental Divide)

Sawtooth Camera. Located at Stanley, Idaho (view of the Stanley Basin and the Sawtooth Mountains)

Schell Creek Range. Eastern Nevada

Saint Mary, MT. In Glacier National Park.

South Pass, WY. South pass is at the south end of the Wind River Range.

Star Valley, WY. View of the Salt River Range from Star Valley, a long valley on the Wyoming/Idaho border, SW of Jackson, WY

Teton cam. This is at Driggs, ID. A telephoto cam of the West Slope of the Tetons. A panoramic view was recentlyake River Range, looking down the Idaho side. It’s not a great view. added. Teton Pass. On top of the Sn

The Tetons. From Spring Creek Ranch on a butte above Jackson, WY.

Teton Pass. A greatly improved web cam on Teton Pass. It gives 4 views.

Teton Valley web cam– Good of the West side of the Tetons — “Idaho side”

Two Medicine web cam– Glacier National Park.

West Yellowstone, Montana web cam

Whitefish Lake and Big Mountain– In NW Montana.

New. Willow Creek Summit. Central Idaho near Mount Borah.

Wind River Range view. From the top of the White Pine Ski Area, east of Pinedale, WY

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Grizzly captured, released in the Salish Mountains of Montana

Unless folks know the country, it might not seem unusual to learn a grizzly was captured and released in Northwest Montana. However, the Salish Range lies between the “Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem” and the “Cabinet-Yaak” grizzly recovery area.

Twenty years ago bear researchers hoped to find interchange of bears between the Cabinet-Yaak, and its small grizzly population and the much larger population in the Northern Continental Divide (Glacier NP, Bob Marshall, Great Bear, Scapegoat Wilderness, and surrounding country).

They found none, neither in NW Montana nor northward in B.C. This is the first officially located bear between the two areas.

A regenerating clearcut in the thickly forested Salish Range, Montana.
Copyright Ralph Maughan

Read the about it in the Daily InterLake (Kalispell, MT). Article.

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Six injured in rare wolf attack (Ontario)

An injured lone wolf attacked a number of people at Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Read about it in the Hamilton, Ontario newspaper. Article.

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[Derby] Blaze Devastates Wilderness Area Prized for Beauty

Being the largest forest fire in the country, the Derby fire is getting plenty of national attention. While they say it is “devastating a Wilderness Area,” the fire is actually burning on the edge of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Much of the country burned is scenie farm and pasture. The Times is using “wilderness” in a generic fashion.

As with the 1988 fires in Yellowstone, the beauty of the country will return. The devastation is temporary.

Read the New York Times article (free registration is required)

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Idaho game farm elk escape worries Wyoming.

It’s usually the other way arong, with Wyoming game management worrying Idaho. Wyoming elk even passed on brucellosis to Idaho cattle, causing Idaho to lose its “brucellosis free” status.

The escape of these farm elk into the greater Yellowstone elk population now worries Wyoming, a state with sloopy elk management, but also a state that does not permit elk farms or “hunts” of domesticated elk.

Worse still this article indicates the escaped elk are not really elk, but red deer, a related species from Europe. Red deer and elk do mate, and so pollution of the Yellowstone elk gene pool is likely.

Read about it in the Casper Star Tribune.

Late on Sept. 7. Now there’s more. Idaho’s Governor Jim Risch has signed an emergency order to carry out the “immediate destruction” of more than 100 domesticated elk that escaped from “the Chief Joseph private hunting reserve.” One article said the elk were bred to have especially large antlers. Is that so, or is it because they are really red deer? This needs to be cleared up.

The Idaho Statesman/AP has a longer article this morning, Sept. 8, on Governor’s Risch’s order. Read Article.