Two fast burning fires near Rockland, ID (SW of Pocatello)

Several days ago a suspicious fire began in the Deep Creek Mountains near Rockland, Idaho, and burned fast — the Rockland Fire. It is now 4000 acres.

Yesterday another suspicious fire broke out about 10 miles SW of Rockland at the base of the Sublette Range. It is burning hard. It is 3000 acres and no containment. It’s the Green Canyon Fire. These are two nice Great Basin mountain ranges near the Idaho, Utah, Nevada border that have seen little fire activity in recent years.

Cloud from Rockland Fire from 60 miles away. Sunday

Location of the Green Canyon Fire.

Sept. 6. Rockland fire map.

2 Responses to “Two fast burning fires near Rockland, ID (SW of Pocatello)”

  1. Monte Hancock Says:

    As always magnificant pictures. I have reciently moved to Rockland, Idaho. Do you know the name of the southern flat top mountain peak? thank you Monte

  2. Ralph Maughan Says:


    This photo was taken from Marsh Valley, Idaho. The mountains on the horizon are not the Deep Creek Range where the fire burned in 2006 (I guess you know that).

    At any rate, the mountains you can see are the Bannock Range

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