Lodgepole pine and the mountain pine bark beetle, and fire . .

Lodgepole and fire go way back. It is a tree comfortable with fire. Yes, lodgepole has been burned before but still invites the old flame over to spend the night. Should fire be unavailable or otherwise preoccupied, lodgepole turns to another old friend to heighten the allure: the mountain pine bark beetle.

Lodgepole recently killed by mountain pine bark beetle
When the needles are red, the tree is incredibly flamable

This is from one of the best written stories I have read about lodgepole pine and fire. By Paul Driscoll in New West. Read the article.

Wolves may be delisted in Idaho and Montana without waiting for Wyoming

Although wolves are probably biologically recovered in Idaho and Montana, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming are tied together. None of the states can have the wolf delisted until all three states have federally approved wolf conservation plans. Idaho and Montana have theirs approved and are managing the wolves with minor federal oversight.

Wyoming’s governor and state Game and Fish Commission have said from the start that it was their defective wolf plan that lets people shoot or otherwise kill wolves for any reason anywhere in the state outside the national parks and a few Forest Service Wilderness areas, or nothing. So the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service keeps managing Wyoming wolves outside of Yellowstone Park. Idaho and Montana are chomping at the bit. They want a two state delisting. Many people disagree because under current rules Idaho cannot have deliberate wolf reduction unless it is scientifically justified. Idaho Fish and Game Commission wants to kill some of its wolves, but it can’t justify it except politically.

Todd Adams writes about it in the Challis Messenger. Read the article.

Grizzly bears moving north as the climate changes

Last year there was a story of how a grizzly bear drove polar bears off a whale carcass on the Arctic Ocean. Grizzlies are showing up way north of the past range.

Here is similar news from the Anchorage Daily News. Read

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Climate change to make fires more difficult to fight say fire ecology experts

“In the western United States, researchers recently confirmed the fire season is getting longer, with large fires starting both earlier and later in the year.” Read the article in the Missoulian.

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